Joe Johnson

I am Joe Johnson, born and raised in Bountiful, Ut. Went to Bountiful high and married a Bountiful girl. Two weeks ago we celebrated our 48th anniversary! We have adopted 6 children and now have 22 grandchildren. I enjoyed being mayor of Bountiful for 12 years and I’m now enjoying this semi-retired state of life.

The LUAU site will be beneficial in causing us to think what our responsibilities are. It will open up what our opportunities are living in our various cities and communities, like serving on the city councils and committees. It will help us to realize that we have a voice in the use of our land. It will help us understand what a planning commission is and the ordinances, zoning and laws that they follow. The site should be able to provide tools for each of us to see the potential in developing the land within our cities. As a young man Joe was definitely a herder…. like sheep on the mountains of Cedar City and unloading and loading of pigs at the North Salt Lake Stock Yards! He played basketball at Weber State and then became the head coach at Bountiful High and is called in as a referee between Brent and Ryan on LUAU when football season is here!