Participation in government is a duty that all citizens should share in a democracy. Most people do not have the time or experience to run for state or federal offices, which usually require a full-time commitment and a large amount in campaign funding. But don’t let that stop you! Here are some simple first steps to civic engagement.

Anyone can participate in the operations of local government. You can attend meetings of decision-making bodies to start to get involved in your local government. Notices of meetings must be posted publicly -usually at city hall or in a local newspaper or on the web. When you attend these meetings, you will find areas that interest you and where you know enough to participate. You may have ideas for library activities, neighborhood development, historic preservation, school operations, curriculum or financial instruments. Most people have some area in which they can contribute. Your participation enriches your community. It’s also an easy way to meet your neighbors. Participate in community activities. Most communities have local festivals and service groups. Participation in is enjoyable and productive for you and your family. It’s also an easy way to meet your neighbors. Volunteer for appointed boards and city commissions. Vacancies on such boards are publicized. Talk to your representative or write a short introductory letter to the mayor listing your related experience. Follow up with a phone call. Get Involved!

The purpose of this site is to foster civic engagement and specifically an understanding of land use laws that effect your state and community.

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