David Church

Twenty-plus (plus) years ago, fresh out of law school (where he was in the upper 90% of his class) David Church hooked up with the ULCT as legal counsel. In the meantime, David has become somewhat of a legal rock star in the area of municipal law and few city attorneys in the state know more about scintillating issues such as water rates, animal license fees and annual audit requirements. David will occasionally hit the road to assist local officials on their home turf but his selection of training locations is generally in direct relation to the quality of fishing in that part of the state. David is married to a woman far more powerful and smarter than he, and together they have two sons and, presumably, a very large home in South Jordan. Contact David for: pretty much anything related to city government, hot fishing spots, stream flow in Utah, and his parent’s phone number in Panguitch. bclaw@xmission.com