About Us

LUAU was created by a grant from the Utah State Legislature in 2014. Spearheaded by the Utah League of Cities and Towns LUAU is made up of a consortium of Utah interest groups who support training and education in land use for our local elected and appointed officials.

Our goal is to create the first statewide uniform and comprehensive online land use website resource to train, inform and educate elected and appointed officials and the general public in statutory land issues and best planning practices. The site is housed and managed by the Utah League of Cities and Towns working with a review board for content and oversight direction.

The Office of the Property Rights Ombudsman has provided funding for this training program from the 1% surcharge on all building permits in the State of Utah.

Review Board:

Utah League of Cities & Towns (ULCT): Cameron Diehl, Meg Ryan
Utah Association of Realtors Association: Mike Ostermiller
Private Property Coalition: Chris Gamvroulas
Utah Office of Property Rights Ombudsman: Brent Bateman
Utah American Planning Association: Wilf Sommerkorn and John Janson, AICP

Production Team:
The ULCT production team includes Susan Wood and her team who create, shoot and make the magic happen to produce these videos.
The site is managed by Megan Ryan so please direct any suggestions and compliments to her – complaints to someone else! Seriously we want to make this site useful to you so please give us some feedback!
We hope you use, learn and benefit from this site to make our state a better place!

Contact us at mryan@ulct.org